In pictures: The occupation raids Silwan and arrests five minors and a woman
October 21, 2015

The occupation forces raided on Wednesday night the town of Silwan and executed a series of arrest that included five minors and one woman. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that large forces including Special Forces suddenly raided Silwan after randomly firing sound grenades towards the residential houses in the neighborhood of Bi’er Ayoub, and arrested Ahmad Yassin Rajabi (17) and Mohammad Mazen Shallodi (17). The center added that the occupation forces raided the house of Martyr Abdulrahman Shallodi (the family’s demolished houses) and carried out a provocative tour inside it on the eve of the first anniversary of the Martyrdom of Abdulrahman. Also, the forces arrested the 35-year old Shifa’ Obeido Shallodi (35) and her 11-year old son Fadi Hamzeh Shallodi. The children Mahdi Mazen Shallodi (11) and Mohammad Nader Odeh (17) were also arrested after the forces raided their homes. The soldiers took pictures of the locals especially the young men while they were in the street and then closed the street and prevented people from driving in it. The center also added that the forces fired a sound grenade near Al-Bustan tent in Silwan after they executed the arrests. 12180191_10153079764957466_153888599_n 12179280_10153079764547466_825238565_n 12179192_10153079764892466_1173118667_n 12178128_10153079765022466_650138100_n 12168147_10153079764587466_2125159471_n اعتقال 10000270_10153079764712466_1638201208_n 12167694_10153079764857466_995929977_n 12171123_10153079764932466_2136018354_o 12171265_10153079764652466_919880380_o