Arresting a woman and 9 Jerusalemites from the village of Esawyeh
October 30, 2015

The occupation authorities carried out a series of arrests in the village of Esawyeh in Jerusalem. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the occupation forces arrested nine Jerusalemites from the village of Esawyeh after raiding their homes. The lawyer added that two men were transferred to detention centers while the others are detained in the military camp established on the lands of the village. The detainees are: Abdullah Abu Asab (14), Mohammad Mahmoud Mahmoud (16), Firas Mahmoud (19), Mohammad Yousef Atyeh (20), Mohammad Abdullah Magmoud (22), Mohammad Ali Mahmoud, Mahmoud Ghareeb (22), Tamer Abu Hummos (13) and Firas Tarek Essawi (40). The forces also arrested the 54-year old Um Radwan Amro after raiding her house in the neighborhood of Abbasyeh in Silwan.