Demolishing the house of Martyr Ibrahim Akari using explosives
December 2, 2015

  The occupation forces used explosives on Wednesday (2/12/2015) to demolish the house of Martyr Ibrahim Akari in Shu’fat refugee camp after raiding the refugee camp in the morning and imposing a curfew and turning it into a military camp. According to Israeli media, 1200 personnel from Israeli soldiers and police raided the refugee camp to execute the demolition process.  Raiding and surrounding Thaer Fasfoos, spokesman of Fateh movement in Shu’fat refugee camp, explained that hundreds of soldiers raided the refugee camp and prevented residents from freely moving and ascended the roofs of several buildings. They surrounded the houses of three Martyrs (Ibrahim Akari, Ahmad Salah and Mohammad Mohammad Ali). He pointed out that some soldiers raided the refugee camp and had ladders with them. Also, bulldozers and soldiers along with police dogs raided the refugee camp. Raiding the house of Martyr Ibrahim Akari Witnesses said that occupation forces raided the house of Martyr Ibrahim Akari after completely surrounding it and prevented movement around the house. Witnesses added that occupation soldiers made holes in the ceiling of the house and side walls using hand-demolition tools. Neighbors explained that occupation forces evacuated some of the neighboring houses before raiding the Martyr’s house and ascended the roofs of some buildings sitting higher than the Martyr’s house. Also, witnesses explained that an engineers’ unit completed the digging process in the house’s ceiling and extended wires inside the house. Witnesses pointed out that the forces had maps; according to the engineering report, Akari’s house should be demolished using explosives without causing any damage to the neighboring houses. Displacement of 6 individuals The house of Martyr Ibrahim Akari is in the third floor in a 3-storey building. Akari passed away on 5/11/2014 after running over Israeli soldiers and settlers in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in which officer “Gid’an As’ad” and settler “Shlomo Badana” were killed; the Martyr has five children where the oldest is 14 and youngest is 5 years old. An armed clash An armed clash broke out in the “Bottom Neighborhood” of the refugee camp which leads to the Martyr’s house. Violent clashes also broke out in the streets of the refugee camp and several young men were injured with rubber bullets and suffocation. Also, clashes broke out in the village of Anata. 12336239_10153141793367466_1802960018_n 12325175_10153141793357466_333081328_n 12325170_10153141793412466_1690511703_n 12 14 12278077_10153141793352466_383434938_n 12309041_10153141793392466_115890599_n 11 12336219_10153141838692466_1423669199_n 12312185_10153141793382466_1767684250_n