Sur Baher: The occupation authorities suspend the social security allowance of three Jerusalemite prisoners
March 17, 2016

Tags: Prisoners’ case, Sur Baher

The occupation authorities suspended the social security allowance of three Jerusalemite prisoners from the village of Sur Baher after accusing them of causing the killing of an Israeli settler after throwing stones towards his vehicle last September.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed by the families of three Jerusalemite prisoners that the social security organization sent them letters informing them about suspending the social security allowance of their children; Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf (18), Walid Firas Al-Atrash (19) and Abed Mahmoud Dwayyat (20).

The Israeli Minister of Interior had decided last January to suspend the “residency” (IDs) of the three Jerusalemite prisoners.

The Commander of Internal Front in the occupation army had also issued decisions last February to close and seize the house of four Jerusalemite Martyrs (the above mentioned and 17-year old Mohammad Jihad Tawil).

The families denounced the Israeli harassment for them and their children before even issuing the final sentence against the prisoners.