The occupation forces arrest two women while passing through Ras Al-Amoud checkpoint…extensions of arrest…banning a young man from using Facebook for 90 days
September 24, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Saturday morning two women while passing through Al-Mahdadeh checkpoint in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud, Silwan.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that  the Magistrate and District judges extended the arrest of Majd Ahmad and Daoud Atyeh until 25/9/2016, Mahmoud Halayqa until 6/11/2016, Rida Obeid and Mo’men Mheisen until 25/9/2016, Mahmoud Alqam and Shadi Mheisen until 26/9/2016, Mahmoud Obeid and Mohammad Alqam until 27/9/2016, Salman Natsheh and Mohammad Joulani until 26/9/2016, Dalal Abulhawa until 29/9/2016, Subhi Abu Khalifeh until 22/11/2016, Wisam A’raj and Mo’men Mafarjeh until 28/9/2016.

Arrested and isolated for selling a “butter knife”

The occupation police isolated on Saturday night the 39-year old Jerusalemite merchant Saed Abu Sneineh and his 16-year old nephew Jamal from the Old City of Jerusalem for one week after arresting and interrogating them regarding selling a “small knife” to the Jordanian Martyr Saeed Amro.

Abu Sneineh explained he was interrogated regarding selling knives in his store and selling a knife to the Jordanian young man. Abu Sneineh explained to the interrogator that he sells all types of house ware in his store including knives. Every day, customers come-in and buy various things and the Jordanian young man was just another customer.  

A ban on using “Facebook”

The Magistrate judge recently decided to release Louai Kurd, brother of the injured Ayman Kurd who carried out a stabbing attack in the area of Herod’s Gate, on condition of not using Facebook for 90 days.

On the other hand, lawyer Mahmoud explained that the Magistrate judge released the child Dia’ Kawasmi with a 5-thousand NIS bail, house-arrest and a 10-thousand NIS third-party bail.

The judge also released Nasim Kleib on condition of a 500-NIS bail and house-arrest for 5 days.