Pictures: Arrests and assault while suppressing a sit-in in solidarity with prisoners in Jerusalem
April 29, 2017

The occupation forces arrested four Jerusalemites on Saturday while suppressing a sit-in held in solidarity with prisoners currently under hunger-strike for the 14th consecutive day; several participants were injured with multiple bruises.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said the occupation forces used for to suppress the sit-in carried out in the area of Damascus Gate, Nablus Street and Salah Eddin Street. The forces chased the participants including men, women and the youth.

The sit-in started in the courtyards of Damascus Gate. One minute after the participants held pictures of prisoners and banners supporting them, the occupation soldiers seized the pictures and banners and forces all participants to evacuate the area. Forces were deployed at the entrance of Damascus Gate and its courtyard, and prevented locals including residents of the Old City of Jerusalem from going through. Prisoners’ families were able to come back several times to the area of Damascus Gate but were assaulted and pushed at each and every time.

The occupation soldiers especially Cavalry units followed the participants to Nablus Street and the bus station. A group of the participants challenged the forces by chanting slogans supporting the prisoners, and raised their pictures; the occupation forces used force against them.

The forces also suppressed a group of participants in Salah Eddin Street immediately after initiating a march in solidarity with prisoners.

The occupation forces also assaulted all Jerusalemite journalists, pushed and beat them with the butts of their guns. Photographer Ammar Awad was injured with bruises after the forces hit him on his hand with their guns. Ammar said he was standing along with other journalists near photographer Ahmad Gharableh when the soldiers suddenly assaulted them and pushed them away; several others were also injured with bruises.

Gharableh was also injured after falling on the ground when Calvary units chased and harassed him; his camera broke. The forces also pushed the correspondent of Al-Kufia Channel, Nawal Hijazi, and injured her with multiple bruises.

Calvary units also assaulted paramedics and pushed them in Nablus Street.


Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that activist Yassin Sbeih, Amro Saeed Qawasmi (15), Louai Faraj (19) and Suhaib Ahmad Siam (16) were arrested.

The center monitored three of the arrests where they were assaulted and severely beaten.