The occupation authorities transfer the bodies of four Martyrs from the freezers to cemeteries
September 13, 2017

The public prosecution announced that four Palestinian Martyrs’ bodies were buried in the so-called “cemeteries for enemies” after they have been detained in the occupation’s freezers for months.

The announcement was made during a session held at the Supreme Court to discuss the appeals submitted to release the detained Martyrs’ bodies. The appeals have been filed under the names of the Martyrs’ families (Abdel Hamid Abu Sroor, Rami Awartani, Mohammad Faqeeh, Musbah Abu Sbeih and Mohammad Tarayra) through the prisoners’ affairs commission represented by lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud and the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights represented by lawyer Mohammed Abu Sneineh.

During the hearing session at the court and deliberations between the prosecution and the judges, the prosecution said that the bodies of four Martyrs have been buried in cemeteries; they are: Abdel Hamid Abu Sroor from the city of Bethlehem, Mohammad Faqeeh and Mohammad Tarayra from the city of Hebron and Rami Awartani from Nablus city.

The two lawyers confirmed that transferring Martyrs’ bodies to cemeteries won’t affect the appeals and any decision sued by the Supreme Court regarding releasing Martyrs’ bodies will include those who have been transferred.

The Supreme Court postponed the decision regarding the appeals until discussing the issue with the prosecution privately. The judges questioned the prosecution about the reasons for continuing to detain the Martyrs’ bodies especially after the prosecution linked the issue of releasing the bodies with the negotiations with Hamas movement to free Israeli detainees, and demanded a response in a closed session.


The court also issued a decision not to bury the bodies of Martyr Musbah Abu Sbeih and Martyr Fadi Qunbar until a decision is made regarding the appeals. 

The court scheduled a hearing session to discuss the appeal submitted in the name of the family of Martyr Fadi Qunbar next Sunday.