Al-Z’ayem: The occupation authorities demolish a residential apartment making the first floor unfit for habitation
September 18, 2017


The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Monday morning a residential apartment in the village of Al-Z’ayem east of the city of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.


The forces raided the building of Mattour family in the village of Al-Z’ayem without prior notice and evicted the residents before the bulldozers started demolishing the second floor.  

Mattour family explained that the building owned by the sons of the deceased Issa Abdel Fattah Mattour and consists of two floors. The first floor was established before the occupation of Jerusalem where the sons of Issa and their families live (20 individuals including children) while the second floor was still under-construction. 


The family added that the first floor was significantly damaged due to the demolition process and became unfit for habitation according to the official engineer. Cracks in the ceilings and walls appeared and holes were made in the ceilings of some rooms.