“Leave…Arabs are enemies” … Racist slogans and slashing the tires of 160 vehicles and trucks in Shu’fat north of Jerusalem
December 9, 2019

The extremist "Price Tag" gang has slashed, at dawn Monday, the tires for more than 160 vehicles and trucks, and wrote racist slogans in the streets of Shu’fat, north of Jerusalem.

The residents explained that 3 masked settlers stormed the town at dawn, at about 2:30 a.m. and began to sabotage the tires of trucks and vehicles parked in the streets of the town, some of them inside parking lots, using sharp tools.

The residents added that the settlers sprayed racist slogans on a truck, the walls of a building, and in the streets, including "Leave...Arabs are enemies”, and drew the"Star of David"on some vehicles.

The residents explained that they noticed the slashing of vehicles’ tires when they left their homes in the morning. Immediately, the occupation police and intelligence deployed in the streets, photographed the vehicles and wiped the slogans, and took testimonies from those affected.

The residents explained that the settlers - according to surveillance cameras - stormed "Al-Dahra" Street from Ramat Shlomo settlement, which is only about 500 meters from the neighborhood.