Arrests in the village of Issawiya…releasing five girls and one man
December 18, 2019

The occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, 5 Jerusalemites from the village of Issawiya, while late yesterday evening they released 5 girls after they were arrested from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

A member of the Issawiya follow-up committee, Mohammad Abu Al-Hummos, stated that the occupation forces arrested five young men after storming their houses in the village. They are: Wassim Younes Obeid, Mohammad Marwan Obeid, Younes Sufian Obeid, Faisal Louay Obeid and Ali Sufian Obeid.

Late last night, the occupation police released five girls after they were detained and interrogated at Al-Qishleh police station in the Old City of Jerusalem. They are: Maram Natsheh, Aya Usama Ashour, Tala Nasser, Duha Ghazzawi and Mayar Natsheh.

The police also released Jamal Asali.

The police carried out the arrests yesterday afternoonfrom the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque because they were praying and present in the upper courtyard of the Bab Al-Rahma chapel.

The occupation forces also arrested Areen Za'aneen while he was passing through Shu’fat refugee camp checkpoint in Jerusalem.