A court session next month…Eviction orders for Taha and Idris families in Beit Hanina in favor of settlers
March 11, 2020


A state of anxiety and fear in the families of Idris and Taha in Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, with the approach of a session to discuss the lawsuit filed by the occupation’s “Absentee Property Guardian", which demands the land on which their houses are built claiming that the settlers owned the land before the occupation of the city of Jerusalem.

The "Absentee Property Guardian" delivered legal notices to Taha and Idris families about 3 years ago, asking them for the land on which the houses are built, but they rejected the allegations and confirmed their ownership of the land.

In addition, Jamal Idris explained that his family and the Taha family purchased the land in 2000, and they built the house and expanded on it. Today, it has 10 residential homes for the two families, and it houses about 50 individuals, most of them children.

Idris added that they were surprised in 2017 by receiving judicial notices demanding the land, where they have lived for years, and a new session will be held next month in court to consider the case and make a decision.

He called on family members to support them and provide them with support from officials and human rights institutions to preserve the land and homes.

The two families affirmed that the danger of eviction and confiscation threatens the entire 8000-square meter land, where several other families live as well, and the matter will not stop with the eviction orders of only the two families.