Muntaser Issa escaped death after being attacked by a settler and his dog
May 7, 2020


The Jerusalemite Muntaser Ahmad Issa, 23, escaped certain death after being attacked and bit by a dog, while the settler who is the owner of the dog was also assaulting the man who was on top of his work as a bus driver in “Egged” company, the line of the Pisgat Zeev settlement, north of Jerusalem.

Muntaser Issa, suffers from deep wounds, scratches, severe pain all over his body, and various bruises. His mouth and tongue cuts were sewn, as a result of being attacked by a settler and his dog.

Regarding the incident, Issa explained that he started his work yesterday evening, and upon stopping at the bus station opposite from the "Pisgat Zeev" commercial complex, a man and a woman got on the bus and had a dog with them. He asked the settler politely to take the dog out because it is not allowed and he will be questioned about and probably issued a fine. He added: “The settlers started insulting me, and then approached men and started hitting me with a broomstick I use to clean the bus and broke it.”

Issa added: "I tried to escape, but the settler unleashed his dog towards me after removing the muzzle from its face and the belt attached to it, and started biting me all over my body."

Issa explained that he tried to seek help from those present at the scene, including the security personnel of the commercial complex and the light rail, but no one moved a finger.

He pointed out that the settler stole his mobile phone and the money he had.

He added that one of his friends managed to help him and asked for help and called the ambulance, and he arrived at the hospital unconscious, and received treatment there.