After closing the case…the child Malek Issa: “The policeman must be held accountable because I lost my eye”
December 9, 2020

"He must be held accountable because I lost my eye, and the eye is the most precious thing in the body” ... with these simple words, the child Malek Issa, 8 years old, from the village of Issawiya, expressed his pain for losing his eye after being hit with a rubber bullet, and also the pain he feels for closing the investigation file of what happened.

The pain of the child Malik and his family began in the middle of last February, while he was returning with his sisters to their home after the end of their school day, and after they got off the bus in the village of Issawiya. Malik went to buy a sandwich from the grocery store, and as soon as he got out, he was hit with a rubber bullet directly between his eyes.

Malik's health condition at the time was extremely dangerous, causing "brain hemorrhage, skull fractures, and the leakage of the gunk surrounding the brain that almost killed him." After several successive operations performed on the boy, Malik lost his vision, then the eye was removed, and replaced with a "glass eye".

After months of treatment and psychological follow-up for the child, Malek Issa, the "Police Investigation Department" decided, a week ago, to close the investigation file. Meanwhile, Wael Issa - the child's father - said: "After a 10- month delay in the investigation file, we were shocked by the announcement of the file being closed. Over the past period, the policeman’s allegations about the incident have varied, including “the policemanfired the rubber towards a wall, and once they claimed that the policeman was cleaning his weapon!” The father is wondering how is allowed for the policeman to do so inside a village, in a street filled with schoolchildren that were heading to their homes?”

The father added:” The last allegation was that Malek might have been hit by a stone and not a rubber bullet. There are dozens of witnesses who were present at the moment Malek was wounded, and they confirmedhe was hit with a rubber bullet."

Wael Issa demanded that the investigation file be reopened and not closed. He said: “We want the policeman to be held accountable and to see him in the dock. The policeman destroyed the boy’s future, and we will not accept that his rights are lost, and it is unreasonable to close the file in this way.”

The father asked human rights organizations to follow up on the case of his son, and to work to re-investigate the policeman.