The martyrdom of a youth in the area of Bab Hutta in Jerusalem
December 21, 2020

On Monday evening, Mahmoud Kamil, 17, from Jenin, was killed, after an exchange of fire with the occupation forces stationed in the area Bab Hutta in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Israeli police said in a statement that the young man arrived at the area of Bab Hutta with a "Carlo" weapon, and opened fired at the forcesin the area. Police individuals chased the young man and shot him.

During that, the officers, intelligence and dozens of forces stormed the area of the incident, closed it completely, took fingerprints and conducted field checks, and prevented anyone from approaching the place, even the residents and people of the area.

The forces completely closed the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem, and arrested a young man after chasing and assaulting him in Al-Aqsa.

Eyewitnesses reported that the forces arrested the young men in the Al-Aqsa squares, checked their identities, and assaulted some of them.

The occupation forces closed some of the gates of the Old City of Jerusalemthem, and erected police checkpoints, preventing entry or exit from them.