After 19 years in the occupation’s prisons...the occupation intelligence re-arrest the freed prisoner Malek Bkeirat
December 30, 2020

On Wednesday morning, the occupation intelligence re-arrested the freed prisoner, Malek Najeh Bkeirat, after spending 19 years in prison.

Sheikh Najeh Bkeirat explained that the occupation intelligence personnel were waiting for his son at the gate of the Negev prison, and he was arrested minutes after his release. The intelligence service prevented them from shaking hands with him and talking with him.

Sheikh Bkeirat added that the occupation intelligence summoned him and his two sons, Al-Qa`qa` and Moath for investigation at Al-Maskobyeh Police Station.

He explained that the intelligence service stormed the prisoner's house minutes after he was re-arrested.

Sheikh Bkeirat noted that the intelligence service summoned him several days ago for investigation, and demanded him not to hold any celebrations or reception in a hall after the release of his son Malek.

Amjad Abu Asab, head of the Committee of the Families of Prisoners, stated that the prisoner Malek Bkeirat was arrested on December 31, 2001 in Bethlehem, while he was passing through a checkpoint, and he went through a lengthy investigation in Al-Maskobyeh.

Abu Asab noted that Bkeirat was arrested several months after his marriage, and he left behind his pregnant wife, who later gave birth to his only daughter, Lina, who lived her childhood on the Red Cross buses, visiting rooms in prisons, and sit-in squares.