Silwan- Occupation forces evacuate the lands of Wadi al-Rababeh neighborhood by force
January 10, 2021


In Sunday morning, the occupation forces evacuated lands from the Wadi al-Rababeh neighborhood in Silwan from their owners by force, and allowed the "Nature and Parks Authority" crews to carry out digging and leveling works in the area.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the owners of the lands in Wadi Al-Rababeh neighborhood have been inside their lands since the morning hours, and they confronted the "Nature Authority" bulldozers with their bodies, and insisted on staying in the place, in an attempt to prevent any acts of vandalism or bulldozing that could be a prelude to confiscating their lands.

The center added that the occupation forces, in large numbers, stormed the Wadi al-Rababeh neighborhood and severely beat the youths, fired sound grenades and rubber bullets at them, then evacuated the area from its owners.

The occupation forces arrested: Ahmed Sumrein, Ammar Awad, Faris Awad, Youssef Awad, and Mohammad Awad, and during the detention they were severely beaten.

The center stated that 70 dunums of the Wadi al-Rababeh neighborhood are threatened with confiscation in favor of settlement projects in the place, which are laying foundations and pillars for the aerial train, the aerial bridge, and the establishment of public gardens and horticulture that include “planting trees, installing an irrigation network and channels, developing landscapes, arranging roads for walking, nd installing places to sit. "

The owners of the lands explained that their lands are planted with various trees, and they carry out daily care of their lands, and the "Nature Authority and municipality" seeks, through the so-called "gardening" project, to confiscate lands and prevent them from accessing it and turn it into biblical gardens and paths.

The landowners added that the Nature Authority crews carry out acts of razing the lands and deliberately sabotaging plants, basins and stone chains.