Sheikh Jarrah…A settler storms a home and assaults the residents saying “this is our land”
May 28, 2021

The family of Samer Nashashibi is still living in a state of shock and anxiety, after a settler stormed their home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and assaulted their young daughter, Hala, with poisonous gas.

Rana Nashashibi - the owner of the house - explained that she was sitting with her children, and her mother-in-law saw a masked man entering the yard of the house. He tried to follow her into her home, so she immediatelyclosed the door, and informed the family of what was happening.

She added: "I went immediately with my son Amir to see what was going on. We searched the land around the house, and we did not find anyone."

Nashashibi added that they returned to the house, and found her 20-year-old daughter, Hala, trying to resist someone –which turned out to be a settler - who had broken into the house.

Hala Nashashibi said: "I opened a part of the gate of the house to alert my mother and brother, for fear that the settler was in possession of a sharp tool or a pistol, and during that he sprayed poisonous gas at me."

Hala stated that the settler was repeating, "This is our land, itis for the Jews...This is the land of the promise...Get out of here."

Hala added: "The family and neighbors managed to neutralize him, so I called the police and asked them to come immediately, but they were late, so my younger brother went to the police officers stationed at the entrance to the neighborhood opposite to our house - Karam al-Jaouni - and asked them to come."

Hala explained that she felt suffocated and tired, and upon the arrival of the Israeli ambulance, they refused to enter the house until the police came.

The police arrested the settler, who said during his arrest: "I am not looted ... I am from Kiryat Malachi."

The family confirmed that the act was a terrorist act, and filed a complaint with the police and demanded an extension of the settler’s detention.