The Supreme Court decided to hold a hearing to consider the appeal of 4 families from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood
June 8, 2021


The lawyer for the families of Sheikh Jarrah, Sami Arshid, said that the Israeli Supreme Court requested the “court’s registry” to set a date for a hearing of the appeal submitted on behalf of the families of Al-Kurd, Al-Ja’ouni, Al-Qasim, and Iskafi, during the current year for the courts, i.e. until 20/7/2021.

This comes, a day after the Attorney General refusedto intervene in the case of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, arguing that the case is a legal case that depends on complex decisions, procedures and data.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood committee said in a statement: "We affirm that the Israeli occupation government, with all its spectrum, from the prime minister to all Israeli institutions and activities, seek to displace and evacuate the residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood units, which perpetuates the crime of settlement in East Jerusalem."

The committee added: "This crime disregards all international conventions and human rights, and we affirm that these attempts will not weaken our will to remain steadfast in our lands."

Lawyer Sami Arshid said that the position of the legal advisor means refusing to discuss Sheikh Jarrah's case as a constitutional issue or an issue that has dimensions in international law or a human rights issue, which is another attempt to weaken the cause of Sheikh Jarrah's family in the legal process.

He also stressed that these attempts will not deter the families from submitting a petition to the court in order to consider the substance of the issues related to the case, especially in the dimensions of the case related to international human rights law and respect for international law, and the commitments of the Jordanian government and UNRWA towards Palestinian citizens with cases as binding pledges.

The lawyer added, that the Supreme Court should consider the content of real estate ownership and not evade the decision on the substance of the case.