Postponing the decision in regards to the eviction of Sheikh Jarrah families
August 2, 2021

On Monday, the judges of the Supreme Court postponed a ruling on the case of “the eviction and displacement of 4 Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.”

At the beginning of the court, the judges presented a proposal as a settlement between the residents of the neighborhood and the settlers, which is “recognizing the settlers’ ownership of the homes in exchange for considering the residents a “protected tenant”, with the current generation of residents being considered the first generation and not those inhabited by the Jordanian government, and after deliberations, the defense staff confirmed the residents’ refusal to the proposal.

Lawyer Sami Arshid- from the neighborhood defense team, explained that the team presented, during Monday’s session, the supporting documents about the neighborhood residents' ownership of their homes, most notably agreements certified by the Jordanian government, which were obtained two months ago.

During the hearing, the defense team also submitted a request to accept legal advice to Dr. Ronit Levine Schnur, a lecturer at Harry Radzyner College of Law and a researcher at the Gazette Globe Institute for Real Estate Research, which recognizes the full property rights of families in their homes, as the Jordanian government began the process of settlement and registration of properties in the names of families. Until the procedures were stopped in 1967, the doctor also clarified that the obligations and duty of the government of Jordan to transfer the ownership of land and real estate to the residents and complete the registration in their name apply to the State of Israel and must be fulfilled within the framework of the procedures for settling rights to the plots of land.

Lawyer Arshid added that the court postponed the decision in regards to the case, with the possibility of appointing another session to discuss the allegations that were submitted, or a final decision will be made for the case.