Beating, insulting and injuring a clergyman - two settlers storm the "Church of Mary Magdalene"
March 19, 2023

On Sunday morning, two settlers stormed the Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem, and assaulted the clergy and worshipers with sharp tools and insulted them.

An eyewitness, Bilal Abu Nab, a seller of souvenirs near the church, explained that the attack took place at 6:30 am, when two settlers stormed the church after they took off their “kippas”, then closed the door immediately after entering.

Abu Nab added that he went directly to the church, and one of the settlers was standing on one of the inner steps of the church and shouting, while the second was hitting the worshipers and a clergyman with a sharp tool, with nails on it.

Abu Nab explained that he followed the settler who was beating the worshipers, and managed to catch him and pin him to the ground. The police were informed of the matter and came to the place after more than half an hour, and arrested one of them and the other managed to escape.

Abu Nab confirmed that they were fluent in the Hebrew language, and he was surprised by saying that they were foreigners.

Abu Nab added that the cleric was wounded in the forehead.

Abu Nab said: "If we had been a little late, there would have been casualties. The metal pipe that the settler was holding had nails, and he was attacking the worshippers with it.”