2023 semi-annual report
July 1, 2023

Another half year has passed for the Jerusalemites, it was no different from the preceding months, harsh occupation measures on all levels, attacks by settlers, and campaigns and movements supported by a right-wing government described as the most extreme, against the Islamic and Christian holy sites, and against the prisoners and their families, and against the homes and property of the Jerusalemites.

Jerusalemites had no choice but to resist and stand firm for their right, to face the imposition of the de facto law, and to reject the procedures in every possible way.

The Israeli violations and procedures and the resistance of the Jerusalemites during the first half of 2023 were monitored by the Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Jerusalem, with the events, dates and statistics in the following report.

During the first half of the current year 2023, 7 Palestinians were killed in the city of Jerusalem, shot by the occupation forces or the settlers, during confrontations in the city, or after they were targeted with gunfire under the pretext of "carrying out shootings, assaults, stabbings" in the city, and they are according to the following chronological order:

• 25/1/2023: The 16-year-old boy Mohammad Mohammad Ali, from the Shu’fat refugee camp, died after being shot in the chest during confrontations with the forces in the camp.

• 27/1/2023: The young man Khairy Musa Alqam, 21 years old, from the town of Silwan, was shot by Israeli soldiers, after carrying out a "shooting" operation inside the "Nabi Yaakov" settlement, north of Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of 7 settlers and the injury of others.

• 27/1/2023: The boy Wadi’ Aziz Abu Rammouz from the town of Silwan passed away, two days after he was injured during confrontations in the town.

• On 10/2/2023: The young man Hussain Khalid Qaraqe’, from the village of Issawiya, died after the settlers and the police shot at him, on the street to “Ramot” settlement, under the pretext of carrying out a stampede operation that led to the killing and wounding of settlers.

• 31/3/2023: The young man Mohammad Al-Aseebi, 26 years old, from the village of Hora in the Negev, was shot by the Israeli occupation forces at the Al-Silsileh Gate -one of the gates of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

• 24/4/2023: The Jerusalemite Hatem Abu Nijmeh, 39 years old, from the town of Beit Safafa, was shot by a settler, under the pretext of carrying out a stampede operation in "Jaffa Street" west of Jerusalem.

• 24/6/2023: The 17-year-old Ishaq Hamdi Al-Ajlouni, from the Kufor Aqab neighborhood, was shot by the occupation forces at the Qalandia military checkpoint, under the pretext of "shooting at the checkpoint and injuring one of the guards."

Detaining Martyrs’ bodies

The information center said that the occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of twelve Jerusalemite martyrs in refrigerators: the body of the martyr Mesbah Abu Sbeih (since October 2016), the body of the martyr Fadi al-Qunbar (since January 2017), the body of the martyr Aziz Aweisat (since May 2018), and the two martyrs Shaher Abu Khadija and Zuhdi al-Tawil (since May 2021), the martyr Fadi Abu Shkheidem (since November 2021), the martyr Karim Jamal al-Qawasmi (since March 2022), the body of martyr Uday Al-Tamimi (since October 2022), the body of Amer Hussam Halabiya (since November 2022), the body of the martyr Khairy Alqam (since January 2023), the body of martyr Hussein Qaraqe’ (since February 2023), and the body of martyr Ishaq Al-Ajlouni (since June 2023).

Injuries after being shot by the occupation forces and the settlers

During the first half of this year, the occupation authorities and the settlers stepped up the policy of using live bullets in the city of Jerusalem, and recorded several cases of gunshot injuries, including serious injuries, and the information center monitored the following injuries:

• 25/1/2023: the boy Mohammad Badran was shot during in the town of Silwan, while he was accompanied by the martyr Wadi’ Abu Rammouz at the time.

• 28/1/2023: the boy Mahmoud Mohammad Aleiwat, 13 years old, from the town of Silwan, was seriously wounded by the settlers' bullets, after carrying out a "shooting" operation on Wadi Hilweh Street in the town, and was shot during his arrest, and remained in the hospital in a critical state of health, until they filed an indictment against him and was transferred to an "internal institute".

• 13/2/2023: Rami Hamouda was injured while driving his vehicle in the Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem, after being targeted by bullets during the forces' incursion into the camp, and one of them hit him in the stomach and exited his back, and the forces arrested the wounded young man while he was bleeding and receiving treatment from inside the ambulance.

• 4/4/2023: the boy Omar Ibrahim Abu Mayaleh, 15 years old, was wounded in the Bi'er Ayoub neighborhood in the town of Silwan. The boy underwent two surgeries, after being hit by two bullets "one bullet in the stomach and one in the foot", and after several days in the hospital he was transferred to prison, and presented with an indictment.

• 7/4/2023: the injury of the 17-year-old boy Mohammad Yehya Abbasi, in the town of Silwan, and despite his injury, the forces arrested him and beat him and delayed his transfer to the ambulance, and after arriving at the hospital while he was under arrest and tied up, it turned out that he had internal bleeding and a ruptured spleen.

• 17/4/2023: the young man Abd al-Karim Abu Ta'a was injured in his abdomen, while walking around the "Nabi Yaakov" settlement in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, and the Israeli police claimed that the young man set fire to one of the vehicles in the area, in addition to vandalizing other vehicles.

• 3/5/2023: the young man Anas Kayed Abu Hussein, 29 years old, from the village of Jabal al-Mukabber, was wounded, during the setup of a roadblock by the forces in the al-Khader area in the city of Bethlehem, and was hit by 6 bullets in the thigh and abdomen.

• 10/5/2023: The young man Thayer Bkeirat was injured with 3 bullets "in the thigh, abdomen and leg", during confrontations in the village of Sur Baher, and was arrested at the scene of the injury.

Al-Aqsa Mosque...continuous violations and attacks

The violations and attacks by the occupation authorities continued in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, during the first half of this year, with the imposition of the blockade and restrictions on the entry of Muslims into it, and the increase in intrusions, arrests and attacks on worshipers and the raising of the Israeli flag, especially during the month of April, the month of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, the violations from the "alleged temple groups" increased with government and judicial cover and support, with large break-ins and the performance of collective public prayers.

During the first half of this year, thousands of settlers carried out their incursions into Al-Aqsa, including ministers, members of the Knesset, chief rabbis and those in charge of the "alleged temple groups", and they performed prayers along the route of their incursions, which starts from the Dung Gate, passing through the courtyard of the Al-Qibli and Al-Marwani prayer halls and the eastern area of the mosque, then walk along the northern wall of the mosque, and south in front of Al-Qataneen and Al-Hadeed gates, and exit from Al-Silsileh Gate. The incursions into Al-Aqsa were carried out daily except on Fridays and Saturdays of each week, and on holidays and religious occasions, as part of the "program of incursions during the morning and afternoon period", through the Dung gate, which is controlled by the occupation authorities on its keys since the occupation of Jerusalem, and the settlers' incursions into Al-Aqsa increase during the Jewish holidays.

The most prominent violations, assaults and intrusions monitored by the Information Center in chronological order:

3/1/2023: The Minister of "National Security" Itamar bin Gavir stormed the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, on the occasion of the beginning of the "fasting of the tenth of Tefit" according to the Hebrew calendar.

17/1/2023: The Israeli police intercepted the Jordanian Ambassador Ghassan al-Majali, while he was entering Al-Aqsa Mosque through Lions Gate, on the pretext that he had not obtained prior permission to enter the mosque, and arrested him and prevented him from entering.

1/23/2023: 309 extremists stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in successive groups, on the occasion of the "Hebrew New Year", among them Knesset member Yitzhak Kreutzer accompanied by his father Rabbi Yehuda Kreutzer and his mother, and on the same day two settlers raised the Israeli flag while they were in Al-Aqsa and sang the "National Anthem" and racist chants, while another group performed the collective prostration in Al-Aqsa near Al-Qataneen Gate, in addition to performing the collective public ritual in the eastern side.

At the end of March, the Israeli police extended the period of intrusions by half an hour, so that the Dung Gate closes at 11:30 instead of 11:00 before noon.

23/3/2023: The forces stormed the tribal prayer room and arrested two young men from the retreatants.

24/3/2023 and 31/3/2023, "the first and second Fridays of the month of Ramadan", the forces stormed Al-Aqsa and removed and confiscated a sign that was hung on a wall, and on the first Friday they assaulted the fasting worshipers by pushing and beating them during the raid.

26/3/2023: The Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Qibli prayer hall in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, evicted the "men and women" stationed inside it and prevented them from staying there, and arrested some of them as they assaulted others during their exit from Al-Aqsa.

2/4/2023: (11th of Ramadan) The Israeli occupation forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque and evicted those stationed inside Al-Qibli prayer hall after threatening them with arrest.

3/4/2023 (12th of Ramadan) The Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque again, evacuating the worshippers from inside the Al-Qibli prayer hall after threatening them with arrest.

4/4/2023 (13th of Ramadan) At ten o'clock in the evening during Al-Taraweeh prayer, the Israeli occupation forces imposed a blockade on the gates of al-Aqsa, preventing entry to the mosque.

5/4/2023 (14th of Ramadan) The Israeli occupation forces began to remove the worshipers from the Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards, and beat some of them to force them to leave it, while hundreds of people gathered inside the Al-Qibli prayer hall, and at around one o'clock after midnight, the Israeli forces climbed onto the roof of the Al-Qibli prayer hall. After smashing some of the windows, they fired sound bombs and rubber bullets through them randomly and intensively towards the worshippers, then the occupation soldiers stormed the prayer hall and attacked the worshippers with bombs, pepper spray, rubber bullets and brutal beatings using sticks, plastic chairs and wood, in addition to trampling them with their feet, then they forcibly removed the women and arrested the young men and boys; the number of those arrested reached 440 people.

On the same day, the forces once again stormed Al-Aqsa at the Dawn prayer and attacked the worshipers in the squares, then stormed it again in the morning hours "with the beginning of the settlers' incursions" and attacked the worshipers by beating and arresting them.

And it was not limited to the attack on the worshippers in Al-Aqsa, but the forces deliberately destroyed the contents of the Al-Qibli prayer hall, where they threw the Qurans on the ground and smashed the chairs, tampered with the bags of the worshippers and destroyed them, in addition to destroying the contents of the medical clinic attached to the mosque.

And from the second to the twelfth of April, during the period of the "Jewish Passover", the occupation forces' attacks on the worshipers at the gates of Al-Aqsa did not stop, especially during the Dawn prayer, in addition to preventing those under the age of 40-50 from the young men and dozens of women from entering it from dawn until noon.

On several days during the month of Ramadan, as well as on the first day of Eid al-Fiter, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and removed the Palestinian banners and flags that were hung in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

24/4/2023: The Israeli police cut off the sound of the evening call to prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque, in conjunction with celebrations in Al-Buraq Square to commemorate those killed in Israel.

On 22/4 and 24/4/2023, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Bab al-Rahma chapel in Al-Aqsa, and destroyed the electrical wiring and cables inside it, confiscating fans and heaters, lighting, prayer rugs, electrical connections, speakers, and wooden dividers.

18/5/2023: “The commemoration of what is called the unification of Jerusalem/ the occupation of the eastern part of Jerusalem according to the Hebrew calendar", 1262 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa, and among them was the minister of the Negev and Galilee in the occupation government, members of the Knesset from the Likud party, and rabbis, and they put up the posters in the eastern region that carried the Israeli flag and the phrase "The Temple Mount is in our hands", and the forces imposed a siege on Al-Aqsa, from dawn until three in the afternoon, preventing anyone under the age of 50 from entering it, and removing the young men from it, and chasing those who were stationed outside the gates.

21/5/2023: The Minister of National Security in the occupation government, Itamar Ben Gavir, accompanied by the head of the "Temple Mount" management organization and others, stormed Al-Aqsa, and offered their prayers there.

21/5/2023: The Israeli government held its weekly meeting in a tunnel below Al-Aqsa Mosque, then the Israeli government held a special meeting with the representatives of the Temple groups to strengthen coordination between the two sides, and to discuss the ways and means to Judaize the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the meeting was attended by 8 ministers and 5 Knesset members.

25/5/2023 Al-Aqsa was stormed by 354 extremists, in commemoration of the so-called "Shavuot/Descend of the Torah", from the evening of the 24th until the evening of the 25th, the forces imposed a siege on the mosque, preventing anyone under the age of 50 from entering it, and the worshipers performed prayers on the thresholds of Al-Aqsa.

19/6/2023 The Al-Aqsa Mosque was stormed, and the worshippers were evacuated from inside it, as the worshipers announced their intention to I'tikaf in Al-Aqsa to celebrate the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah.

20/6/2023 Settlers tried to bring a "sheep/animal sacrifice" into the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, through the Lions Gate.

28/6/2023 The forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after the end of the Eid prayer, and in particular the Bab al-Rahma chapel, and assaulted a number of young men and carried out arrests from Al-Aqsa and its gates, as well as removing the signs hanging in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In the months of May and June, the Israeli forces stormed the Bab al-Rahma chapel several times to harass the worshippers, and at the end of June, the Israeli police demanded from the court to extend the "order to close the Bab Al-Rahma chapel" under the pretext that "offices are used as a headquarters for inciting activities."

The Bab Al-Rahma chapel is located in the eastern region of Al-Aqsa, and it was reopened in 2019 after being closed for 16 years where praying inside it was forbidden.

Attacks on Christian religious places

None of the past months have been free of settler attacks on Christian holy places and Christians in the city of Jerusalem. At the beginning of the year, settlers destroyed gravestones and the crosses of more than 30 graves in the Protestant cemetery (shared by the Evangelical and Lutheran churches) in Jerusalem, and two weeks later and several meters away from the cemetery, the settlers wrote racist slogans on the walls of the Armenian Patriarchate in the Old City, and the phrases "Death to the Armenians, Death to the Christians, Death to the Arabs and Gentiles (non-Jews), Revenge", and in the same month and at the end of last month, the settlers attacked Armenian citizens near the Patriarchate in the Old City, with pepper spray and racist slogans which demand them to go out and leave the country. Settlers also tried to ascend to the roof of the Patriarchate and remove the flags of the Patriarchate and the Republic of Armenia.

At the beginning of February, a settler broke into a church in the Old City of Jerusalem, and smashed one of the statues of the Virgin Mary inside it while shouting "I broke it", in addition to insulting the prophet Jesus.

As for the month of March, two settlers broke into the "Sitna Maryam" church in the city of Jerusalem, and attacked the clergy and worshipers with sharp instruments and insulted them.

In the month of April and in two separate incidents, settlers spat on Christians carrying the cross celebrating the Easter during their walk through the streets of Old Jerusalem, and they also knocked on the door of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate in Old Jerusalem, and then spat in its direction.

In mid-April, specifically during the "Sabbath of Light" celebrations, the occupation authorities imposed restrictions on the entry of Christians into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; By limiting the number of people to enter the church and its grounds to 1800 people, and police barriers were set up in all the roads and junctions leading to the church, and the forces assaulted many of the celebrants by beating and shoving them.

In the month of May, two settlers attacked the Christians with curses and profane words during their "Pentecost" celebrations in the Church of the Dormition in Old Jerusalem, and they deliberately directed curses and profane words at the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him.

In another attack, 4 settlers stormed the "Nuns of Love" monastery near the New Gate in Jerusalem, and the guard was able to keep the intruders away from the place, knowing that the inmates in the monastery are children and those with special needs.

In numbers ... arrests from Jerusalem

The first half of 2023 witnessed daily arrests in the towns and neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem, and mass arrests from the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Jerusalem monitored 1,798 cases of arrest from the city of Jerusalem during the first half of this year, among them (29 children under the age of responsibility / under the age of 12, 409 boys, 60 women including 4 girls).

The information center explained that the month of April recorded the highest rate of arrests with 766 arrests, followed by the month of January with 255 arrests, the month of March with 230 arrests, and the month of February with 204 arrests.

The center explained that the occupation authorities carried out 23 arrests of students while they were going to school or after the end of their school day and as they were heading home.

The center added that during the first half of this year, the Israeli occupation authorities transferred 27 Jerusalemites to administrative detention.

The Israeli authorities also continued the policy of "arresting the freed prisoners immediately after their release from prison after the end of their sentence", where the center monitored 16 cases of arrest of freed prisoners. They were all released on conditions including deportation from Jerusalem, deportation from their areas of residence, prohibition of celebrations and raising flags and banners in the city.

Among those pursued is the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority and the preacher of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, 85 years old. The center monitored summoning him for investigation during January and May, and the investigation with him is focused on visiting the homes of the martyrs' families, considering this to be an endorsement of the martyrdom operations, and he was released in the month of May on the condition not to communicate with the 3 satellites channels "Al-Mayadeen, Al-Aqsa, and Al-Manar". At the end of last June, the intelligence service handed him a decision prohibiting him from traveling abroad.

Among those arrested during the first half of this year, Deputy Ahmed Attoun, former Jerusalem Minister Khaled Abu Arafa and both were transferred to administrative detention for 4 months.

The information center explained that the 5th of April/ 14th of Ramadan saw the highest number of arrests recorded in one day with the arrest of 440 people from inside the Al-Qibli prayer hall in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after beating and assaulting them, and dozens of the arrestees were injured with rubber bullets and shrapnel of bombs or suffered fractures due to being beaten.

Governor of Jerusalem…Endless pursuit

The occupation authorities' prosecution of the Jerusalem governor Adnan Ghaith continued during the first half of this year, with summonses and investigations and the renewal of the decisions issued against him, where the Jerusalem governor Adnan Ghaith is under house arrest in his home in the town of Silwan since August 2022, after the Israeli prosecution submitted an indictment that included "17 violations of the decision barring him from entering the West Bank from the moment the decision was issued."

And since the Governor of Jerusalem took office in 2018, several restrictions have been imposed on him and are renewed immediately after they expire, the most prominent of which are "forced residence at his place of residence in Silwan, a travel ban, a ban on entering the West Bank, a ban on participating in any event in Jerusalem."

"Funds and property" of prisoners and their families... confiscation and seizure

The attack on the Jerusalemite prisoners and the freed prisoners and their families continued during the first half of this year, and perhaps the most prominent during the months of February and June, to implement the decision of the Minister of the Army in the occupation government to "seize" the prisoners' money that was received from the Palestinian Authority, considering it "a reward and encouragement for operations and terrorism". According to the decision, based on the so-called "Anti-Terrorism Law of 2016", the prisoners' money or property will be seized with the value of the money imposed on them, until the amount imposed on each prisoner is paid in full.

During the first half of 2023, the Israeli occupation forces raided the homes of dozens of Jerusalemite families, "implementing the decision of the Minister of the Army", and confiscated money, children's piggy banks, gold and silver jewelry, collectibles, toys, vehicles, and motorcycles, in addition to seizing the bank accounts of dozens of prisoners and their families without informing them.

The Israeli authorities also sent dozens of families the "seizure decision", attached with the name of the prisoner and the amount imposed on him via text messages on the phone.

"Retaliatory" actions and attacks against the families of the perpetrators

The retaliatory actions and attacks on the families of the martyrs and the prisoners continued, and in a precedent this year, the occupation authorities imposed control on the homes of the martyrs Khairy Alqam and Mahmoud Aleiwat in the town of Silwan, and turned them into a military barracks, and prevented access to them after the removal of its members. One day after the martyr Khairy Alqam carried out the attack, the forces closed his house by a decision of the "Political and Security Council".

The Israeli occupation forces, with their various elements, raided the houses of the perpetrators of the operations in the towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and conducted thorough searches, as well as arrested and summoned the family members, and sent some of them to the cells for interrogation.

The occupation forces closed houses belonging to the families of the martyrs Uday Al-Tamimi, Hussein Qaraqe’, and Khairy Alqam.

The occupation authorities also blew up last June, the house of the Jerusalemite prisoner Islam Farroukh in the city of Ramallah, who is accused of carrying out a double bombing operation last November.

In numbers... the deportation decisions

The Israeli occupation authorities continued the policy of issuing deportation orders, and the center monitored 877 deportation orders, including "deportation from Jerusalem, the Old City, Al-Aqsa, residential areas, the streets of Jerusalem, and the West Bank."

The center explained that among the deportation orders, 516 were ordered to be deported from the Old City, and 305 were ordered to be expelled from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

They also continued to pursue those stationed at the Al-Aqsa gates, by detaining their identities, photographing them, assaulting them by pushing and beating them, and arresting them.

In numbers ... the demolitions in Jerusalem

The occupation authorities continued the demolition operations in the city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a license, or as a "punitive" measure against the families of the Jerusalem martyrs.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Jerusalem monitored 96 demolitions or closures of houses in Jerusalem, among which 31 were carried out by their owners "self-demolition", to avoid paying fines and demolition fees to the municipal teams and machinery.

The information center explained that among the demolition operations, 4 residential buildings including 25 residential apartments, 56 houses, commercial facilities, fences, rooms, and agricultural and animal barns were demolished.

Last June, the occupation municipality forced the residents of the town of Beit Safafa to "remove the dome of the Al-Rahman Mosque", in the town, to shorten its height and change its color from gold to silver, as a condition for not demolishing the upper floor of the mosque and the dome.

The occupation municipality took control of a piece of land in the village of Issawiya, under the pretext of "public benefit.”

Education, health and the media... and continuous repression

For the second year in a row, and as part of the interventions of the Israeli Ministry of Education in Jerusalem schools, inspectors from the Ministry of Education broke into the Arab Orphan School in the town of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, without the consent of the guards present at the door, under the pretext of "counting the number of students in the school", and in the process conducted an inspection of the school curriculum, as they broke into the classes and photographed the identities of the teachers.

The Israeli intelligence, by a decision of the Minister of National Security, Itamar bin Gavir, prevented a meeting of the parents' committees of the students in the city of Jerusalem, and the forces, accompanied by the intelligence, stormed the place and delivered summonses to many of the participants and prevented its organization under the pretext of "sponsoring it from the Palestinian Authority."

In violation of the freedom of the press, Israeli intelligence agents stormed the "Marcel Productions" company in Beit Hanina, and handed the management and employees subpoenas for investigation, under the pretext of providing media services to Palestine TV, and after hours of investigating the company's management and its employees, including reporters and photographers, they released them. The investigation focuses on the work and providing services for the benefit of Palestine TV, and warned them not to continue doing so.

The intrusion of the Marcel company came hours after the Minister of National Security in the occupation government, Itamar Ben Gavir, signed an order to close the headquarters and ban the activities of the official "Voice of Palestine" radio station in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian interior.

As for the Israeli forces, during the first half of this year, they stormed Al-Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem three times during the months of March and April.

The Ramadan decorations were not spared from the attacks, as the Israeli forces dismantled the decorations hanging in one of the lanes of the Bab Hutta area, under the pretext of obstructing the view on the police surveillance cameras, and they also demanded the residents of Bab Al-Silsileh "in the Old City of Jerusalem" to change the colors of the light bulbs under the pretext that they were "in the colors of the Palestinian flag."

The occupation forces also suppressed protests against the decision to evict the Ghaith/Sub Laban family from their home in the Old City of Jerusalem in favor of the settlers under the pretext of "ownership of the house before the Nakba", in addition to repeating the suppression of the "Sheikh Jarrah weekly demonstration" organized in the neighborhood against the policy of eviction and displacement.

Annual Flags march

On the anniversary of "Jerusalem Unification Day" according to the Hebrew calendar, last May, tens of thousands of settlers stormed the city of Jerusalem, in their annual "Dance of the Flags" procession, with the participation of ministers in the occupation government and members of the Knesset, and the settlers deliberately chanted racist slogans calling for the killing of Arabs and Muslims, and cursed the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Dozens of settlers attacked the press crews with empty bottles and cans and cans full of stones, dust, alcohol and flag sticks, resulting in many injuries.

The settlers' attacks did not stop at the "Flags March", several attacks were recorded on Jerusalemites and their property during the first half of this year, with racist slogans written on vehicles in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and on one of the graves of the "Al-Dajani Cemetery" and the breaking of the window of the "Nabi Daoud" mosque in Old Jerusalem, in addition to the indiscriminate firing of bullets in Al-Tur, Silwan, and Sheikh Jarrah, the gas attack, insults and beatings on Jerusalemites, and the attacking of Palestinian vehicles with stones in several streets in Jerusalem.

A strike in Jerusalem

In rejection of the measures to intensify the attack against the Jerusalemites, and in support of their just rights, a general strike in Jerusalem was announced on several occasions during the first half of this year, where the general strike took place at the end of January in the town of Jabal al-Mukabber, in rejection of the demolition decisions and the threat of their implementation.

On the 19th of March, there was a general strike in the villages of Issawiya, Jabal al-Mukabber, Al-Tur, Anata, and the Shu'fat refugee camp, and the towns witnessed round-the-clock confrontations, protesting the demolition policy and the pursuit of the prisoners and freed prisoners, and the harassment of the residents of the Shu'fat and Anata camps, by closing the checkpoint.

On the 23rd of February, during the general strike in the city of Jerusalem, there was a protest against the Nablus massacre, and the town's neighborhoods witnessed various confrontations.