Pictures- Silwan…The boy Taha Hijazi was beaten and arrested and released on conditions
July 7, 2023

On Friday early morning, the Israeli police released the 13-year-old boy Taha Ahmed Hijazi from the town of Silwan.

Siraj Abu Arafeh, the lawyer of Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, explained that the police released the boy Taha Hijazi, in the early morning hours of Friday, on condition of house arrest for 5 days, and a third-party bail.

The lawyer Abu Arafeh explained that he demanded an examination and treatment for his client during his detention at the Salah al-Din Street police station because of the scratches and wounds he suffered and the visible wounds on his body, and indeed the ambulance arrived before taking him to the "O’z" police station in Jabal al-Mukabber for investigation.

Regarding what happened with the boy, Hijazi explained in an interview that he was near his home in the town of Silwan, and was surprised to be chased by the police who stormed the area, and during his attempt to escape, the police threatened him.

The boy said: "The policeman said he will shoot me, and I fell to the ground, and I was arrested."

The boy Hijazi added: "After I fell to the ground, I was dragged on the ground, which led to injuries in my back and hands."

The boy Hijazi pointed out that the police assaulted him while taking him to the police car, and inside it, and on his way to the detention center, and he was also mocked and insulted and photographed during that.