The arrest of the perpetrator and his family members - a stabbing operation in Jerusalem
September 6, 2023

The Israeli forces arrested, on Wednesday, the 17-year-old boy Basil Ayed Obeidyeh, after physically assaulting him, after he carried out a stabbing operation in the Jaffa Gate area in the city of Jerusalem.

The Israeli police said in a statement that the boy carried out a stabbing operation, which led to two "serious and minor" injuries.

The Israeli occupation forces deployed in the area of Jaffa Gate and the roads leading to it, and closed the vicinity of the operation site for several minutes, preventing anyone from approaching.

Dozens of settlers cursed the Arabs, and demanded to kill them.

In the Um Lisoon area in the village of Jabal al-Mukabber, the Israeli forces and intelligence stormed the house of the boy Basil and closed the roads leading to it and surrounded those present there and conducted field investigations with them.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Fida’ Obeidyeh - the boy's mother-, and Asil Obeidyeh - the boy's sister-, and one of the young men who was near the house.

The Israeli forces conducted a search of the house of the boy Obeidyeh and vandalized its contents and deliberately damaged them.