Updated – A broken finger - a woman was hit by a bullet while she was inside al-Aqsa Mosque
September 8, 2023

Mrs. Iftikhar Taha, 65 years old, was injured with a fracture in her finger caused by a bullet "whose source was not known", while she was inside Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem explained that a bullet fired from an unknown place hit Mrs. Iftikhar causing her fractures in her "index" finger, and an operation will be performed to stabilize the finger, and she will remain under observation at al-Maqased Hospital for several days, for fear of any poisoning or inflammation.

The center added that the bullet marks are clear "it has an entrance and an exit", and the bullet also hit her in the shoulder.

Eyewitnesses explained that Mrs. Iftikhar was sitting in the square located between Dung Gate and the Al-Qibli mosque concurrently with the evening call to prayer, and was hit by a bullet in her hand, and the source of the bullet and the place where it was fired from were not known.

The witnesses added that the lady was taken to the medical center inside Al-Aqsa for treatment, and after taking the initial statement from the police, she was taken to Al-Maqased Hospital for treatment.

The police also conducted a tour of the vicinity of the place where Mrs. Iftikhar's was present, and conducted preliminary investigations with the worshipers present at the site.