Day 33: Al-Aqsa Flood Operation in the city of Jerusalem
November 8, 2023

On the 33rd day of “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation, the occupation forces blew up the home of a Jerusalemite child prisoner in the Shu’fat refugee camp, and continued the siege of Al-Aqsa Mosque and arrests in the city, and raided towns and neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem.

Shu’fat refugee camp: A siege and bombing

In the early morning hours, the occupation forces stormed Shu’fat refugee camp in large numbers, accompanied by explosives experts, to implement the decision to demolish the family home of the child prisoner, Mohammad Basil Al-Zalbani, under the pretext of “causing the death of a soldier at the camp checkpoint during his attempt to carry out a stabbing attack.”

The occupation forces imposed a strict siege on the camp, surrounded the building in which the apartment of the prisoner Al-Zalbani was located, expelled its residents and some neighbors, and distributed leaflets to the residents informing them not to leave their homes until the end of the bombing of the apartment. They also demanded the same order via loudspeakers.

Explosives experts planted explosives in the walls of Al-Zalbani's house, and then carried out the explosion.

They also removed the main door of the building, and removed the door of a residential apartment in which no residents were present during the raid.

The bombing of the Al-Zalbani family's apartment caused damage to the walls of some of the building's apartments.

The siege imposed on the camp and the storming coincided with the students heading to schools, as the forces attacked the students while they were heading to their schools.

The forces searched the female students and made them stand against the walls. They assaulted a woman and took off her “hijab” while she was with her daughter waiting for the school bus.

Sporadic confrontations broke out in the camp during the siege and bombing of the house of prisoner Al-Zalbani.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem explained that the forces stormed Al-Zalbani’s house, which the family moved to several months ago - after the decision to demolish its house - and vandalized the contents of the house after blowing up the main door. They arrested Basil Al-Zalbani, the prisoner’s father, and Yazan Al-Zalbani - the prisoner’s brother.

Siege of Al-Aqsa

For the fifth week in a row, the occupation forces continue to impose a tight siege on Al-Aqsa Mosque, prohibiting entry to it except for employees of the Islamic Endowments Department and the elderly, and stipulating in several cases that the residential address of the elderly be the Old City of Jerusalem.”

126 extremists carried out raids into Al-Aqsa Mosque through the Dung Gate, during the morning and afternoon raids, and the settlers performed their prayers at Al-Aqsa.

The occupation forces were deployed at the gates of the Old City and Al-Aqsa, and arrested young men, searched them, and conducted field investigations with them.

Continuous incursions

The occupation forces, accompanied by intelligence personnel, continued to storm towns and neighborhoods in Jerusalem. They carried out incursions into the town of Silwan, during which graffiti, murals, and slogans were erased and deleted from the neighborhood’s walls. They also stormed Issawiya, Jabal Al-Mukabber, Al-Tur, and neighborhoods of the Old City, and carried out arrests.


The forces continued arrests and summonses in the city of Jerusalem, and the center monitored the arrest of:

1. Majd Abu Sakran

2. Mohammad Abu Sakran

3. Abdul Rahman Abu Ghazaleh

4. Fares Abu Ghazaleh

5. Basil Al-Zalbani

6. Yazan Al-Zalbani

7. Abed Hadreh

8. Rayan Attia

9. Musa Abu Al-Hummus

10. Mohammad Al-Fakhouri

11. Rami Al-Salaymeh

12. Abu Munjed Kashour

13. Mahmoud Al-Shawish