Day 40: Al-Aqsa Flood Operation in the city of Jerusalem
November 15, 2023

On the 40th day of “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation, the occupation authorities blew up the house of the Jerusalem martyr Khairy Alqam, while continuing the siege imposed on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City, and raids and arrests continued in the city of Jerusalem.

Bombing the house of the martyr Khairy Alqam

The occupation forces and the Special Engineering squad for planting explosives, stormed in large numbers the Ras al-Amoud neighborhood in the town of Silwan, surrounded the Alqam building, then raided it after closing the roads leading to it, and completely evacuated it in addition to the neighboring buildings.

The forces completely closed off the Bilal neighborhood - where the building was located - and ascended to the roofs of neighboring buildings, and deployed in areas overlooking the place.

Members of the engineering teams dug holes in the walls of the house and planted explosives in it. The house is located on the third floor of a 4-storey residential building. The occupation forces distributed “leaflets” to the residents asking them not to leave the house and also called for this through loudspeakers, until the bombing process was completed. At exactly twelve o'clock in the afternoon, it was detonated.

The stones of the house were scattered throughout the building and neighboring buildings, and the explosion damaged several buildings, “shattering windows.”

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem explained that the forces evacuated the Alqam family’s home at the end of last January, immediately after the martyr Khairy carried out a “shooting” operation in the “Nabi Yaqoub” settlement in Jerusalem, and at that time prevented the family from entering the residential apartment, and imposed imposed a tight siege on the entire building for several weeks, then withdrew from it while continuing to close the house of the martyr Alqam and prevent its use by the family. Last August, the Israeli Supreme Court approved the decision to demolish it.

The family's furniture appeared among the scattered rubble of stones, as they were prevented from unloading the entire contents of the house.

For a month, the forces have been carrying out repeated raids on the Alqam family’s building, and imposed numerous fines on it, amounting to more than 10,000 shekels, including “a fine for waste (an empty bag of children’s snacks in the yard of the house, weeds in the garden of the house, a cigarette butt...”).

The occupation authorities continue to detain the body of the martyr Khairy Alqam in refrigerators.

A continuous siege

The siege imposed on Al-Aqsa Mosque continues, with severe restrictions imposed on entry to it, represented by the massive deployment at its gates, and entry to it is prohibited except for the Islamic Endowment employees, the elderly, most of which are residents of the Old City.

113 settlers carried out their incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, through the Dung Gate, the keys of which have been controlled by the occupation authorities since the occupation of Jerusalem.

The occupation authorities also continue the siege imposed on the Old City, by being present at the gates, placing barriers, marching in the streets, and arresting young men and interrogating them.


The raids on towns and neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem continued, setting up flying checkpoints, arresting young men, issuing fines, and revoking “vehicle licenses,” in addition to examining the mobile phones of girls and boys.

The forces continued their arrest and summons campaigns, and the center monitored the arrest of:

1. Mohammad Al-Salaymeh

2. Areen Abulhawa

3. Murad Mheisen

4. Mohammad Mahmoud

5. Mohammad Hamad

6. Imam Mohammad Ali

7. Majd Darwish

8. Rashid Darwish

9. Fajer Rajabi

10. Mohammad Kayaleh

11. Amer Al-Risheq

12. Omar Al-Risheq

13. Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Abbasi

14. Ahmed Othman Jalal “For the fourth time in a row... renewing the administrative detention decision for a period of 6 months”