Day 43: Al-Aqsa Flood Operation in the city of Jerusalem
November 18, 2023

On the 43rd day of “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation, dozens of students and members of the administrative and educational staff from the “Issawiya Boys School” suffered from suffocation and fractures, after the school was targeted with gas and sound bombs, while the siege imposed on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City continued, amid raids on towns and neighborhoods in City of Jerusalem.

Issawiya Boys School

In the morning hours, the occupation forces stormed the village of Issawiya, and targeted the “Issawiya Secondary School for Boys” with sound bombs, gas bombs, and rubber bullets, while the students were in the school yard.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem explained that the school’s students suffered from suffocation, shrapnel wounds, and panic attacks. Field treatment was provided to dozens of them, and some teachers were also injured. Two students sustained fractures. Several injured people were taken to hospital for treatment, while field treatment was provided to several others.

The bombs caused a fire in the school's balcony, on the third floor.

More than 300 students study at the Issawiya Boys School in grades ten, eleven and twelfth.

The Red Crescent explained that its crews dealt with 3 injuries with gas and one injury from sound bomb shrapnel, and they were transferred to the hospital.

In the evening, the forces stormed the village of Issawiya and deployed in its streets.

Continuous siege

For the seventh week in a row, the occupation authorities continue to impose strict restrictions on Al-Aqsa Mosque, preventing entry to it except for Islamic Endowments employees and the elderly, most of whom are residents of the Old City, as restrictions are imposed on the elderly from outside the Old City.

The forces are deployed at all gates of Al-Aqsa, and iron barriers are placed over them, in addition to deployment on the roads leading to it.

Small numbers of worshipers perform the prayers at Al-Aqsa, and all the prayer halls and courtyards appear empty of worshipers and Palestinians.

The forces prevent prayers at the thresholds of Al-Aqsa, by pursuing young men and pushing them away by force.

The forces also continue to deploy at the gates of the Old City, stopping young men and women and subjecting them to field inspection and investigation.

Residents of the Old City suffer from daily inspection procedures as they leave and return to their homes, including stopping and checking their identities and place of residence.