January 2024 in Jerusalem
February 1, 2024

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem issued its monthly report for January 2024 during which it monitored the violations in the city of Jerusalem; where the siege of al-Aqsa continued, and the incursions and prayers of the settlers there, and the arrest campaigns and demolition operations, and the issuance of deportation orders continued.

Al-Aqsa Mosque... a continuous siege and the settlers' incursions do not stop

Since the 7th of last October, the Israeli authorities have continued to impose a strict siege on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and tightening the restrictions on it and on those coming to Al-Aqsa, in addition to placing iron barriers on all its gates.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, quoting worshipers, explained that the occupation authorities impose strict restrictions on the entry of worshipers to Al-Aqsa; by preventing the young men from entering it, and imposing strict measures on the entry of the elderly and women into it, and at several times the forces prevent even the elderly and the women from entering.

Worshipers confirmed to the information center that the procedures and restrictions imposed on worshipers entering Al-Aqsa Mosque are subject to the "mood of the police and officers" stationed at the Al-Aqsa gates.

As for the roadblocks on the roads leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the forces stationed at its gates, stop the young men and check their identities and physically search them, in addition to checking their bags.

On Fridays during January, the occupation authorities tightened their restrictions on worshipers entering Al-Aqsa and were deployed in the city of Jerusalem and the Old City, where the police forces begin deploying and stationing themselves at the gates of Al-Aqsa and the Old City from the dawn hours and increase with the Friday Noon prayer by placing barricades in the streets of the city and the roads leading to Al-Aqsa and the neighborhoods close to it, and the forces stop those arriving to Al-Aqsa and prevent hundreds from reaching it, as well as pursue them in the streets and neighborhoods of Jerusalem to prevent prayer in the streets of the city, and suppress prayers with bombs and beatings.

While restrictions are imposed on Muslims entering Al-Aqsa, the settlers' intrusions into the mosque continued, during the daily morning and afternoon intrusion periods, except on Fridays and Saturdays, through the Dung Gate, the keys of which have been controlled by the occupation authorities since the occupation of Jerusalem.

More than 3,000 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and during the storming, the settlers held prayers for the Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip, and mourned the dead soldiers.

The settlers also organized a march "on the eve of the beginning of the Hebrew month", in the city of Jerusalem and at the Al-Aqsa gates all the way to Al-Buraq Square, and they raised flags and held prayers and dances during the march, and the forces closed some roads and streets until the end of the march.

A martyred child

The child Jinan Abu Snaineh - the daughter of the freed Jerusalemite prisoner Shoaib - was killed in an Israeli raid on the Gaza Strip. Abu Sneineh was arrested in 1998 from the town of Silwan, sentenced to life imprisonment, and released in 2011 in the "Shalit" prisoners exchange deal in 2011.

Detaining martyrs’ bodies

The Israeli authorities continue the policy of "detaining the bodies of the martyrs in the refrigerators", and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that 21 Jerusalemite martyrs are detained in the refrigerators. They are:

1. Martyr Mesbah Abu Sbeih; since October 2016

2. Martyr Fadi Al-Qunbar; since January 2017

3. Martyr Aziz Aweisat; since May 2018

4. Martyr Shaher Abu Khadija; since May 2021

5. Martyr Zuhdi Al-Taweel; since May 2021

6. Martyr Fadi Abu Shkheidem; since November 2021

7. Martyr Karim Jamal Al-Qawasmi; since March 2022

8. Martyr Uday Al-Tamimi; since October 2022

9. Martyr Amer Halabiya; since November 2022

10. Martyr Khairy Alqam; since January 2023

11. Martyr Hussein Qaraqe; since February 2023

12. Martyr Ishaq Al-Ajlouni; since June 2023

13. Martyr Khaled Al-Za’anin; since August 2023

14. Martyr Ali Al-Abbasi; since October 2023

15. Martyr Abdel Rahman Faraj; since October 2023

16. Martyr Khaled Al-Muhtaseb; since October 2023

17. Martyr Adam Abulhawa; since October 2023

18. Martyr Mohammad Omar Al-Farroukh (minor); since November 2023

19. Martyr Murad Nimer; since November 2023

20. Martyr Ibrahim Nimer; since November 2023

21. Martyr Ahmad Alayan; since December 2023

Retaliatory measures against the families of the Jerusalemite martyrs

The occupation authorities continued to persecute the families of the Jerusalemite martyrs. Last January, the occupation authorities blew up the houses of the two martyrs Murad and Ibrahim Nimer in the village of Sur Baher, and their family members were displaced. The occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of the martyrs Nimer in the refrigerators since last November.

The Israeli occupation authorities broke into a building belonging to the family of the martyr Ahmed Alayan in the village of Jabal al-Mukabber, and conducted a complete search of the building and its surroundings, and imposed several violations on the family, as well as canceled the licenses of some of the family's vehicles, and closed the "water meter" of the house of the martyr Ahmed Alyan's family. The Israeli authorities continue to detain his body since last December, the forces also arrested the martyr's mother and released her after hours of investigation and detention.

The Israeli occupation authorities also issued a decree ordering the demolition of the house of the Jerusalemite martyr Khalid Abdul Fattah al-Muhtaseb in Beit Hanina, and the Israeli authorities continue to detain his body since last October.

Continuous arrests

The Israeli authorities continued the arrest campaigns in the city of Jerusalem, and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center monitored 309 cases of arrests from the city of Jerusalem, including children, girls, women, and adults, in addition to the arrest of dozens of young men from the West Bank under the pretext of "illegal presence in the city of Jerusalem."

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Jerusalem explained that during the month of last January, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a male student after storming Al-Rashidyeh School, and a female student after storming Al-Aqsa Shari’a School, while arresting 5 Jerusalemite youths from inside the French Hospital and "Shaare Zedek" hospital.

The center explained that the Israeli authorities continued the policy of "arresting or summoning the freed prisoners upon their release", and forced many of them to be deported from the city of Jerusalem for several days.

The occupation authorities renewed the administrative detention of Jerusalemite prisoners, including MP Ahmed Attoun who is deported from the city, and the former Minister of Jerusalem Khaled Abu Arafeh, renewing them for the third time in a row.

The Israeli authorities also continued to pursue the Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, and last January, the intelligence services summoned the Governor, renewing the decision to ban him from entering the West Bank for the fifth year in a row.

Governor Ghaith has been placed under house arrest in his home in the town of Silwan, since August 2022, after the Israeli prosecution presented an indictment that included "violation of the order prohibiting him from entering the West Bank".

Since the Governor of Jerusalem took office in 2018, several restrictions have been imposed on him and are renewed immediately after they expire, the most prominent of which are "house arrest in his place of residence in Silwan, travel ban, ban on entering the West Bank, ban on participation in any event in Jerusalem."


The Israeli occupation authorities continued to issue deportation orders, and the information center monitored 21 orders including "deportation from Jerusalem, the Old City, Al-Aqsa, streets in Jerusalem, from places of residence, and prohibition of entry to the West Bank."

Meanwhile, the occupation authorities deported dozens of Palestinians, holders of West Bank I.D. after arresting them under the pretext of "illegal presence" in the city.

Demolition, bulldozing lands and confiscation

The occupation municipality continued to carry out the demolition operations or to force the residents of Jerusalem to self-demolish their houses, under the pretext of building without a license, and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Jerusalem monitored 15 demolition operations in Jerusalem, among which 6 demolition operations were carried out by the owners themselves, to avoid paying a financial fine "demolition fee" to the municipality and the crews accompanying it.

The demolition process included "a residential building, houses, barracks, and fences."

At the beginning of last January, the village of Jabal al-Mukabber witnessed confrontations that lasted for several hours, protesting the invasion of the village to carry out the demolition of a residential building for the Shkeirat family, during which the forces carried out a campaign of arrests in the neighborhood, and assaulted the residents with bombs and beatings, and seized dozens of vehicles under the pretext of "closing the road in front of the bulldozers ".

In the village of Beit Safafa, the occupation authorities carried out a process of razing and uprooting olive trees, cypress trees, palms, almonds and medicinal herbs, in favor of the implementation of a settlement plan "constructing streets to connect the settlements, and to establish settlement units, a kindergarten and a synagogue".

The ownership of the land, which has an area of 7 dunoms, belongs to the Alayan family, and was confiscated in 2010 from the family.

The occupation authorities carried out the extensive bulldozing operations despite the existence of a decision to freeze any works inside the land.

The Israeli occupation authorities also demolished a wall for the Shweiki family, in the Al-Thori neighborhood in Silwan, to create a street in the area.


• On 3/1/2024, a general commercial strike took place in the city of Jerusalem, condemning the assassination of the vice president of the Islamic movement "Hamas" Saleh al-Arouri and 6 others, in Beirut.

• Placement of cement blocks at the entrance to the "Al-Jdaira" neighborhood in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber and a police presence on it for several days.