Day 125: Jerusalem during “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation
February 8, 2024

On the 125th day of "Al-Aqsa Flood Operation", thousands of Muslims flocked to Al-Aqsa Mosque on the anniversary of Isra' and the Mi'raj, and the forces carried out various arrests from Al-Aqsa and the streets of Jerusalem, while the settlers organized the monthly march in the streets of Jerusalem, and the Shweiki family emptied their residential building in preparation for its demolition by decision of the municipality.

Al-Aqsa filled with Muslims

Amid the ongoing siege of Al-Aqsa for the past 4 months, thousands of Muslims flocked to it in commemoration of the Isra’ and Mi’raj, and special forces and officers stormed Al-Aqsa and spread out in several places during the presence of worshipers, while the Islamic Endowment Department commemorated e Isra’ and Mi’raj in the Al-Qibli prayer hall.

The occupation forces stationed themselves at the gates of Al-Aqsa and their members checked the identities of those arriving to it after stopping them, and searched the bags, and detained the identities of many worshipers "both women and men" before allowing them to enter Al-Aqsa, and they also prevented young men and women from entering it "in a procedure that has been in place since the 7th of last October".

Inside Al-Aqsa, the forces took out some of the worshipers, among them the elderly.

The forces also arrested 7 worshipers from Al-Aqsa courtyards, detained some of them and interrogated them in the field before releasing them.

The forces were also deployed on Al-Wad Road in the Old City of Jerusalem, which leads to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and stopped the young men and girls, and carried out identity checks and searches of bags and backpacks.

Sheikh Omar Al-Kiswani, the director of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, explained that the number of worshipers and those who commemorated the Isra’ and Mi'raj at Al-Aqsa was estimated at 15,000 worshippers, despite the siege on Al-Aqsa.

The monthly settlers march

In the evening hours, the settlers organized their "monthly march" on Al-Wad Street in the Old City of Jerusalem, all the way to the Al-Buraq Wall, passing through the gates of Al-Aqsa from the outside "Al-Qatanin, Majles, King Faisal, Al-Ghawanmeh, Hutta, and Lions Gate", and the settlers performed dances and prayers during the march, and they raised the flags, as they tried to provoke the Palestinians by cursing them and swearing at them.

The forces spread around the march and along its route, and closed some roads until the end of the march.

During this, the forces stopped two young men in the "Souq al-Jum’a" area, and searched them.


The forces carried out various arrests from the city of Jerusalem, and Siraj Abu Arafeh, the lawyer of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, explained that 10 Palestinians were arrested, including 6 females, pointing out that 7 arrests were carried out from Al-Aqsa in addition to arrests from the Damascus Gate area.

Abu Arafeh explained that the forces released most of the detainees under various conditions, including "financial guarantees, and expulsion from Al-Aqsa Mosque."

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the forces detained many of the young men and women inside the observation rooms in the Damascus Gate area, conducted a search and a field investigation with them and then released them.

On the other hand, the Israeli authorities renewed the administrative detention of the young man Yazan al-Zalbani for two months, knowing that he was arrested last November at the same time of the bombing of his family's home in Shu’fat refugee camp; he is the brother of prisoner Mohammad al-Zalbani, who has been detained for a year.

Emptying the contents of a building for the Shweiki family

The members of the Shweiki family emptied their building in the Al-Thori neighborhood in Silwan, in preparation for its demolition under the pretext of building without a license.

Hosni Shweiki explained that the municipality's crews stormed the building 22 days ago, and demanded that they empty all its contents because there was a final demolition decision, noting that the decision was sudden because there were court hearings about the demolition decision.

He pointed out that the municipality imposed a financial penalty on him in the amount of 75 thousand shekels, 6 months ago.

The residential building includes 5 apartments and 16 people live in it.


The forces continued to storm towns and neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and set up roadblocks in the streets of the city, as well as being heavily deployed in the Damascus Gate area and the entire surrounding area, and pursued the youths and prevented any presence there.

The forces also continue to prohibit sitting in the area of Damascus Gate "the square and the steps" since 4 months ago.