Day 216: Jerusalem during “Al-Aqsa Flood” Operation
May 9, 2024

On the 216th day of "Al-Aqsa Flood Operation", the occupation authorities blew up the apartment of the martyr Fadi Jamjoum in the Shu’fat refugee camp, and settlers threw burning materials at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The Supreme Court overturned the decision to evacuate 3 families from their homes in the neighborhood, and the settlers’ raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque continued.

The bombing of the apartment of the martyr Fadi Jamjoum

The occupation forces, with their various teams, accompanied by explosives experts, stormed, in the morning hours, the Shu’fat refugee camp, from several directions, and deployed in its alleys, and the helicopter and drone flew in the skies of the camp. Then the forces stormed a residential building containing the apartment of the martyr Fadi Jamjoum, evacuated it of its residents, and closed all entrances and roads leading to it. Then the explosives experts began planting explosives in the apartment, and in the afternoon it was detonated.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem reported from the residents of the building that the forces stormed all the apartments and forced the residents to evacuate immediately, while the doors of the apartments whose residents were outside were blown up.

The flying stones due to the force of the explosion caused damage to the floor of the entrance to the building (a hole), and water hoses in a nearby building.

The center learned that the forces detained some young men and an elderly person on the ground, and threatened them with arrest just for trying to pass and walk in the street where the residential building was located.

The building consists of 10 floors and houses 33 families, while the martyr’s apartment is located on the eighth floor.

The occupation authorities had evacuated the apartment of the martyr Fadi, days after he carried out a shooting attack in the Kiryat Malachi area last February, and closed it using tin plates, then they issued the bombing order and carried it out on Thursday.

The martyr's wife and four children lived in the apartment.

The occupation authorities continue to detain the body of the martyr Fadi Jamjoum.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA)... repeated attacks

On Thursday afternoon, settlers threw flammable materials towards the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and a part of the courtyard “behind the agency’s departments” caught fire.

The settlers published recordings showing their joy as they watched the fire ignite, and chanted “UNRWA is Hamas.”

Since last February, settlers have been organizing demonstrations in front of the agency’s headquarters, deliberately directing insults at its employees and workers, and raising Israeli flags on its doors and walls, in addition to closing the road leading to its main door to obstruct employees from entering it. They also poured red colors “indicating blood” and placed black bags as a “reference to the bodies,” and they demand the expulsion of the agency from Jerusalem. They also threw stones at the agency and hung racist slogans on its doors and signs.

Two days ago, the settlers set fire to an air conditioner hose installed on the window of the guard room "at the agency's door."

Canceling the decision to evacuate 3 families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

The Israeli Supreme Court approved the appeal submitted by the “Daoudi, Hammad, and Dajani” families against the decision to evict them from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in favor of settlers.

The Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood Committee explained that the Supreme Court issued on Thursday its decision regarding “the appeal submitted by the above-mentioned families” against the decision to evict them from their homes, which was approved by the District Court and before it by the Magistrate Court in recent years, and on Thursday the Supreme Court approved the submitted appeal and thus the eviction decision was cancelled.

The committee explained in a statement that the team of lawyers representing the families, “Mr. Hosni Abu Hussein and Dr. Sami Arshid,” were able over the past months to cancel the decisions to evacuate the families of “Salaymeh, Al-Zein, and Al-Mani,” and in 2022 the Supreme Court issued a decision to cancel the eviction of the families of “Al-Kurd, Iskafi, Al-Jaouni and Al-Qasim”.

Al-Aqsa... massive incursions

At the beginning of the Hebrew Month, 344 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque through the Dung Gate, guarded by occupation forces, and the settlers performed prayers during the storming of the mosque.

The forces' raids on towns and neighborhoods in Jerusalem also continued, and the forces arrested two boys from the town of Silwan.