Violent clashes in Silwan after the end of the prayer and the injury news
January 21, 2011

Friday prayers were held in the protest tent in the Bustan neighborhood today. Raed al-Khatib was spinning has touched on many topics in his speech talking about the concerns of Jerusalemites and currently circulating confrontations on the junction of the martyr Samer Sarhan Street - Valley fiddle. Israeli forces used tear gas and rubber bullets heavily and random were injured because of it so far photographer mind Media, Hamza Maaja a rubber bullet in the back and another citizen was wounded in the shoulder, not to mention tens of bottlenecks with tear gas. Confrontations are still ongoing until this moment.

 صلاة الجمعه الاسبوعية في خيمة الاعتصام

 الصحفيين كانوا مستهدفين خلال المواجهات

 القوات الأسرائيلية على مفرق وادي حلوه-عين سلوان

 دير أرثوذكسي في سلوان كان له نصيب من قنابل الغاز


المصور الصحفي حمزه معاجي  مصور بال ميديا الذي اصيب بالمطاطي