Center director Jawad Siyam's detention extended until Thursday by court
February 22, 2011

Wadi Hilweh Information Center director Jawad Siyam's detention was extended until Thursday 24 February today by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court, when he will stand trial again on new charges. The prosecuting attorney, acting on behalf of the Israeli police, requested that Siyam's detention be extended by 6 days on the pretext of additional time required to investigate new charges against him. The judge presiding over Siyam's trial gave the police a further two days, during which time Siyam will remain incarcerated. Should he be released on 24 February, it will be under renewed conditions of house arrest. Siyam faces new accusations that he has broken the conditions of his house arrest, yet police have thus far refused to specify how the conditions of his sentence have been broken, claiming that files on the claim are classified. Police also claim that Siyam has attempted to stalk or intimidate a witness in his assault case, an accusation for which no supporting evidence has been produced. Tthe next hearing regarding Siyam's house arrest sentence was postponed until 22 March.