Children of Wadi Hilweh’s Talents on Show in Bi-Annual Cultural Performance
February 13, 2010

Madaa Silwan Creative Center’s mid-year concert showcased a range of local talent yesterday as youth of Wadi Hilweh’s cultural concert of music and dance entertained a large audience. The crowd were treated to accomplished recitals of piano, cello, Guitar and violin as well as Arabic instruments Durbuka and Oud, which enjoyed a great reception. The children’s choir performed a number of songs including the well-known “I Love You Silwan” number, which was followed by the Wadi Hilweh Folk Art Youth Team special Dabka performance. The ceremony was concluded by readings of Silwan children’s poetry reflecting on the issues of Jerusalem and Palestine, dedicated to Wadi Hilweh Committee member Ahmed al-Qaraeen. Al-Qaraeen was shot in the leg during an attack last September, whilst trying to defend his son from assault at the hands of an armed settler. Madaa Silwan Creative Center’s music program has grown to over 100 students since the project’s initiation in 2007. The Center’s next cultural performance will take place at the end of this year.