A cameraman inside a settlement in Wadi Hilweh provoked the citizens
March 28, 2011

A cameraman inside a settlement in Silwan ,Wadi Hilweh provoked the citizens when he started to direct his camera towards Palestinian houses. The cameraman , who seems to work for the settlers , was directing his camera towards Jawad Siyam's house the director of Wadi Hulwa information centre who is still under house arrest. He was recording on camera who gets in or out Siyam's house. Later on, the same cameraman directed his camera toward a Palestinian family who were in their house which outraged them. The situation was about to develop into an opposition between the citizens and settlers. Moreover, settlers used to direct their camera day and night towards jawad siyam's house to provoke him . At the same time previous photos were used by the Israeli police to condemn Siyam instead of proving his innocence as it was proved later on