Brother of female detainee targeted, family home raided
May 8, 2011

A large force of Israeli troops raided the Shoyoukhi family's home yesterday in Silwan in search for 14-year old Mohammed Shoyoukhi. When troops failed to capture Mohammed (having spent the night at his sister's house), his elder brother was arrested instead as a means of blackmailing Mohammed to present himself at the police station. The contents of the family home were reported to be damaged or even destroyed by raiding forces. Mohammed presented himself at the station later that day, accompanied by his mother. He was then subjected to a gruelling investigation alone after his mother was expelled from the room. Mohammed was sentenced to a 25-day house arrest by the Magistrates Court on charges of participation in clashes in Silwan, and to sign a guarantee of 500 NIS to be paid in cash should the conditions of his sentence be broken.
Mohammed's brother Su'ad Shoyoukhi, arrest several days previously, currently remains in Israeli detention. Accusations against Su'ad remain undisclosed by police, possibly to be revealed at a meeting regarding her charges tomorrow.
[caption id="attachment_15725" align="aligncenter" width="457" caption="Children lead the demonstration with signs of protest, as adults follow behind"][/caption]