Worst violence to grip Silwan since death of Samer Sarhan
May 13, 2011

Intense clashes have swept through all major neighbourhoods in Silwan Since late morning, characterised by levels of violence not witnessed in the village since the martyrdom of resident Samer Sarhan by a settlers' guard last September.

A massive presence of Israeli troops are evident throughout Silwan, blocking off all the roads leading to and exiting Silwan, backed up by police on horseback and Mista’arevim undercover military forces (Israeli soldiers dressed up as Arab civilians).

Israeli forces are firing tear gas grenades and rubber bullets wantonly throughout the village, causing several cases of asphyxiation in residents, including women and children. Dozens have been injured so far, and are waiting for medical help. Currently, medical teams are restricted from entering the village and taking care of the injured.