Clashes throughout Jerusalem, dozens injured
May 13, 2011

Palestinian residents throughout Jerusalem have taken to the streets today in what has been dubbed Nafeer (or "horn") Friday, the first of a three day mass protest throughout the Arab world in response to Israeli injustice. Clashes have spread throughout Silwan, Al-Tur, Ras al-Amoud, Essawiya, Qalandiya and the Old City. Israeli authorities have employed all wings of the armed forces in an attempt to maintain control, including the military, police cavalry and undercover units.

The violence in Silwan has worsened throughout the afternoon, with Israeli troops multiple and repeated assaults on residents characterised by brutal and wanton use of tear gas and rubber bullets. Paramedics, children and the unwell have all been targeted.

Several dozen have been reported injured thus far by rubber bullets and tear gas inhalation, the majority of which went untreated due to Israeli forces blocking entry to paramedics. All entrances to Silwan are currently sealed off by Israeli forces, causing wide-scale traffic congestion.

Silwanic has been informed that a car belonging to a settler has been torched, after the settler used the vehicle to attempt to run over Palestinian children in Al-Tur. Clashes have worsened in the region as a result.

Silwanic will bring you updates as they develop.