Another house set ablaze in Silwan as clashes rage
May 15, 2011

Clashes broke out yesterday morning in Baten al-Hawa and Bir Ayyub districts of Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa mosque, when Palestinian youth hurled Molotov cocktails at Beit Yonatan settlement in Baten al-Hawa. Israeli troops responded quickly with dozens of tear gas projectiles fired in the densely-populated neighborhood. One Palestinian house was set ablaze by two gas bombs in Ein al-Lawzeh district, belonging to 68-year old An'aam al-A'war. Although members of the A'war family called the fire brigade, it could not respond to their distress call. A driver in the fire brigade told Silwanic that "We were prevented from entering Silwan by Israeli troops." The fire truck remained in the adjacent Wadi Hilweh district of northern Silwan, then left when it was unable to gain access to the crisis area. Neighbors are curently trying to control the blaze. An'aam al-A'war has been transferred to Al-Maqased Hospital suffering from smoke and gas inhalation. Her home is the second Palestinian home to be set alight by Israeli tear gas grenades in two days.