Jerusalem prisoner committee head arrested
October 9, 2011

Israeli forces arrested Jerusalem Committee for Families of Prisoners head Amjad Abu Assab from his home in Al-Sowaneh on Friday. Assab's brother Yaqoob was also issued an order from the Ministry of Interior banning him from travel outside the country for six months, citing "prevention of endangerment of Israel's security". Yaqoob reported that a special unit of Israeli forces accompanied by intelligence officers stormed the family home to issue the travel ban order. Yaqoob is already banned from travel by the state, with his current order set to expire on November 5. The new order bans him from travel from November 4 until May 5 next year. While officers issued Yaqoob the order, his brother was arrested. Yaqoob speculates that the delivery of the order was a useful cover to arrest his brother, stating that "in the past I have been summoned by telephone to the Russian Compound when being issued such orders." Amjad was ordered to accompany officers to the station, supposedly to be issued the same orders. Amjad Assab's detention was extended until today, says his lawyer, and remains under investigation in the Russian Compound in West Jerusalem. Amjad Abu Assab