Faris al-Zeer declared innocent after 7 months in prison
December 31, 2011

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court cleared Silwan resident Faris al-Zeer of all charges on 29 December after being held in Israeli prison for 7 months.Faris, 22, was arrested with his brother, Nassem, 21, on 29 May 2011, when their home was stormed by Israeli forces. The two brothers were interrogated and assaulted by Israeli officers. Naseem was released and Faris was held, accused of participation in clashes with Israeli forces, despite surveillance camera footage and the testimony of Faris' employer evidencing his absence from the confrontations. Police, however, insisted on his conviction, and he was detained for 7 months whilst awaiting trial.

The persecution of Faris al-Zeer illustrates the agenda of Israeli authorities in targeting specific individuals on the pretext of clashes with the police, regardless of their involvement