follow up on the situation in Silwan which continues to stay tense.
March 13, 2012

 Arrests Between Sunday the 4th of March up to Sunday 11th of March 2012, within a time frame of only 1 week a total of 16 minors were arrested. 5 of the children who were arrested during the week (mentioned in the last communication) and should have had their Court hearing on Friday the 9th of March 2012 were in custody however till today the 12th of March Monday, since their hearing was postponed. This means the children were in jail for a whole week. Age range: 13 – 16 yrs. Today, Monday the 12th of March 2012 only one 13 year old boy was released after the Court hearing, the parents had to pay 3000NIS bailout fee. The other 4 boys are waiting for a Court hearing which is scheduled for the 15th of March, Thursday. Accusation: involvement in stone throwing and/or preparing of Molotov cocktails. Search of children The Israeli Police investigated and searched children and their bags coming from school on a 2nd occasion on Sunday 11th of March 2012. Arrest of a teacher on school premises Today, Monday the 12th of March 2012, a teacher from the Silwan School in Ras Al Amud was arrested by Police Forces from inside the school. The director suggested bringing the teacher personally to the police station as to prevent the children from being exposed to this massive force and being scared as a consequence. The police refused. They entered the building and took the teacher without any further explanation. This is the 1st time that Police took a teacher from inside of a school which is under the Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality. When contacting the police after the about where about of the teacher and allegations, the police refused to share information and stated the teacher was already released. The spouse of the teacher however confirmed, that her husband did not come home yet and she was not able to reach him yet. Parking tickets The Police started giving out parking tickets on several occasions in the last days to car’s parking in the Wadi Hilweh Street, although there is no designated mark.