After the Ramleh's police arrested protesters: A testimony from the house arrest
May 13, 2012

 We have been following the hunger strike solidarity protests around Palestine for the last week, as Silwanic wrote before, the Israeli police in Ramleh arrested in a brutal way around 18 protesters, we spoke over the phone with Rami Yunes  one of the arrested protesters while he is in a house arrest.

Rami Yunes:  The protest was peaceful and organized, it was even licensed, as we gathered in front of Ramleh's prison to support the Palestinian hunger strike prisoners, the police decided that the protest is not illegal, they started to attack us, they surrounded us and arrested 7 people and broke one woman's leg, me and the rest decided to go Ramleh's police station to speak our minds, and we were kicked out, soon as we stepped out we were surrounded by more cops, I think it was a special unit, they  attacked us with all of their strength , they arrested another 10, I was one of them, they took us inside and the scenario went worse,   they cuffed us, started kicking us with their feet, spitted on us, they even asked one of us  to open his mouth and they spitted in his mouth a few times, I remember them cussing us "Dirty Arabs" and words I don’t want to repeat, they approached 2 women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, one cop mocked them and started to tell them "I want you two to perform sexual acts with each other's and then do it with me" and the rest of the cops were laughing.

Last thing I remember is they threw us all to the floor, above each other's; I was on top, one of the cops asked "Who was a bad boy? Who want to be tased?" they approached me, tased me and the electricity reached the guy that’s under me and from him to the rest.

They took us to Ramleh's prison, we spent the night there, the day after we went to court, they took us at 8AM and we saw the judge at 4 PM, the judge decided to that the bail amount is 5000 NIS, sent us to a house arrest till the next trial, and for the next 15 days we can't be near Ramleh's prison or the Ramleh police station"

Rami lives in Lyd, and he is one of the protesters against the occupation's oppression towards the Palestinians prisoners and the Palestinian in general, same day he was arrested in Ramleh, many protesters were arrested in Silwan, Lyd and many other parts in Palestine, and until now, the prisoner's humanity requests are being ignored.

Photo : occupiedpalestine

 protest in front of Ramle Prsion