Flying checkpoints in Silwan
May 8, 2010

The Israeli police and so-called "border guards", in almost daily phenomenon, erected flying checkpoints at the entrances to the village of Silwan, especially the entrance of Wadi Hilweh in front of the entrance of visitors to the settlers, "the City of David," primarily center on Palestinian lands usurped settlement Association with the support of the Israeli government of using the law "guard absentee. "

The members of the army or the police to stop vehicles Arab and especially Palestinian public transport and inspection of passengers, sometimes. It expresses a lot of the villagers dissatisfaction with the treatment they receive from the police or the Israeli army when intercepted public buses, and many said that the police or the army attack them sometimes insults and beatings. And often they book the bus for a long time raises weariness and anger passengers and interfere with access to various appointments on time. Also, many noteworthy that the Israeli police used to edit violations against Palestinian civilians and take down their car on the street, and here to tell us Qaraeen Mahmoud, who was landing his car on the street pretext that the roof top slot. Note that the hole in the car Qaraeen slot is not only the company. It reminds citizens that the police had lowered his car on the grounds that there is a street light and only one brake, although this observation registered license its own leadership.

الشرطة الإسرائيلية توقف حافلة تابعة للمواصلات العامة الفلسطينيية أما مدخل مستوطنة "مدينة داود" في وادي حلوة بسلوان