Twelve year old child released from Salah Edin police station, under conditions
December 4, 2012

On Wednesday, the Israeli magistrates court released 12 year old Ahmad Othman G'rayeb from al Essawiye after he was held for a few hours under investigation at Salah Edin police station.

G'rayeb explained that he taken by the undercover unit (Musta'ribin) in the morning, whilst he was on his way to the local health centre. Officers in a car shout at him before they approached him to arrest and beat him.
He said; 'One [of the officers] beat me on my hands and legs, and another pulled a gun out and hit me with it on my shoulder. They stopped the car in al Toor. They beat me hard and put a black mask on my face. After that we reached the Salah Edin police station.
They were trying to scare me and told me to tell them about my friends. They handcuffed my hands and feet. After I asked to drink they brought me water but they didn't allow me to go to the toilet, and after I complained to them that the handcuffs are hurting me they tightened them up even more.'
He was then taken to the Magistrates court whilst handcuffed. The judge ruled that 12 year old Ahmad will be put under 5 days house arrest, with a 500NIS bail. A further person has pledged 5000NIS bail, if Ahmad breaks the terms of his release. He is currently not allowed to attend school.
His brother, Rami G'rayeb, has said that the family intend to press charges against the Mahash police unit because they arrested and beat a child. The police claim they did so because they have a classified file against him