High Court rules in favour of Silwan family and refutes settler's claims
December 4, 2012

The Israeli High Court has ruled in favour of the Qarain family in Silwan, denying settler's claims to the home. The house in question belongs to Haje Zeinab Qarain. Son, Mousa Qarain, is currently living in the house, which is on an 80acre piece of land. The struggle between the residing family and settlers began in 2004 when settlers claimed that they have bought the land. This has lead to raids on the family home by police who were ordering the family to leave the home.

The Wadi Hilweh Info Centre has confirmed that the police first tried to clear the family home in 2001 but lawyer Muhammad Dahle stopped this from happening.
Documents were forged by a Palestinian house broker as settlers tried to take over the house.
Issam Qarain, the brother of Mousa Qairan, has thanked the people of Silwan and the Wadi Hilweh Info centre for their part in the victory against the settlers. He said the family are very happy that it is now proven that the family own the house.