Court refuses to release hunger striker Samer al Essawi
December 15, 2012

The Main Court has refused to release Jerusalemite Samer al Essawi on bail, despite his worsening health conditions from his 138 day hunger strike and 6 day water strike.

Al Essawi's sister Shirin has confirmed that the lawyer appealed against the magistrate's decision to extend her brother's detention. He is being detained after he allegedly visited the West Bank despite a military order banning him from doing so.
On the case,  Al Essawi's lawyer said: "Many settlers go into the West Bank and they are not allowed to. No settlers have been detained until the end of the legal procedures; they were released and the final ruling was a financial fine, or imprisonment for less than 2 months."
His sister asked:" Why did they extend his arrest? He has already been under arrest for the last 5 months, which is longer than he is allowed to be arrested for."