Trial of Director of Wadi Hilweh Info Centre delayed until 24/03/12
December 17, 2012

The judge at the Israeli Magistrates court delayed the decision for trial of Jawad Siyam, the Director of the Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, until 24/3/12 to present him to a parol officer.

The prosecution is accusing Jawad of attacking a Palestinian man who sells land to Israelis. All other charges against him have been dropped.
During the trial Jawad's lawyer has insisted that Jawad should be found not guilty. The lawyer pointed to the important activist work that Jawad does in his community and how a guilty verdict would impact his work and society .
The judge decided to present Jawad to a parol officer. It is expected that he would have be sentenced to some time in prison or do public service. Jawad has said that he 'refuses to serve the public if it is not the Palestinian public.'
The Wadi Hilweh Committee have expressed their belief that the Israeli authorities are targeting political activists, the staff and the director of the centre to silence Palestinian voices which are revealing the assault on Palestinian's human rights.