5 houses in Silwan threatened with demolition next Thursday (27/12)
December 18, 2012

Israeli police raided the homes of the Ja'fara family in the Bridge area of Silwan and gave them a warning to evacuate their house before next Thursday (27/12/12) as it will be demolished. The police are claiming it was built without any permits.

The houses belong to Silwan resident Ja'afre and her 4 sons. It is a 2-floor building which has been divided into 5 units with 30 people living in it in total, most of whom are children.
Fakhri Abu Diyab, a member of a committee to defend the land has told the Wadi Hilweh Centre that the building was fixed 12 years ago. He explained that the family had been trying to get permits for the house for the last 7 years, but have never received a response from the authorities. They have also previously paid a fine of 100,000NIS for the building.
Israeli police have pledged that if the family do not evacuate and empty the property by next Thursday they will demolish the house with its contents inside.
House owner and mother Al Hajje Fatmeh Ja'afreh has asked human rights organisations, local councillors and local residents to act quickly and help her as she fears her family will be thrown onto the street.