Two houses raided and three men arrested in al Essawiye
December 20, 2012

On Wednesday, Israeli forces raided two houses belonging to two brothers; Mahmood Muhammad Mahmood's family and Abdalla Muhammad Mahmoud in al Essawiye. The houses were searched, and contents were messed with. Mahmood, 23, was then arrested in the middle of the night.
The family told The Information Center of Wadi Hilwe that they were surprised by the raid. They also spoke of their other son, Wajdi Abdalla Mahmood (23) , who was arrested when he left his workplace, the Hebrew University.
Both sons were transferred to the investigation centre in the Abu G'nem settlement.
This follows a period of many clashes in al Essawiye. The area has been attacked by light and sound bombs on a regular, but random, basis.
The third person to be arrested was Muhammad Ibrahim Mouda Darwish (22). He was arrested whilst entering the village.