Injuries and confrontations at al Essawiye village
December 21, 2012

The locals reported about many injuries from the rubber bullets and Sound bombs that were used to spread the demonstrators who responded by throwing stones. They explained that the forces focused on the entrances of the area, gave tickets to the cars, stopped and searched the passengers' ID's and stopped a few cars. The undercover unit spread out in the streets of the village and by noon many forces surrounded the house of the prisoner Samer al Essawiye. They then left the area and came back in the afternoon. The locals said that the forces threw light bombs towards the Arbain mosque and village's cemetery. Muhammad Sadek, the administrator of the Media center in the area, said that the Israeli forces prevented him from doing his job in the area and threatened to arrest him. Since Tuesday the police have undertaken an operation of arresting young men and raiding and searching the houses.